Supercharge your brand with our Artificially Intelligent bots

Our mission is to transform how businesses communicate with their customers, and at the core of our offering is our feature rich conversational AI platform.

Meet Labiba

Whether you are looking for for a utility bot for your enterprise, want to facilitate e-commerce, focused on increasing your brand’s engagement or want to entertain your audience our bot platform is right for you.

Improve customer service

Delight your customers by providing real-time responses to their inquiries eliminating call waiting time frustration

Engage Millennials

Capture the attention of millennials who based on research are spending more time on messaging platforms than any other form of communication.

Save time & effort

Free your customer support team from answering frequently asked questions allowing them to serve more customers.

Gain insights

Monitor human-to-bot conversations to measure chatbot performance and learn user behavior.

Bot Maker
Awesome features

Our feature-rich visual bot maker allows you to easily create your messaging flow in a graphical editor giving you complete focus on personality and content.


Build your conversational UI flow in our easy to use graphical tool.


Powered by the latest technologies in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI.


Advanced bot memory engine allows your bot to make personalized and smart conversations.

Randomized replies

Your customers will never be bored with our randomized replies feature for answers to popular requests.

Message scheduling

Send scheduled messages to your subscribers.


Create your conversational UI flow once and publish it on multiple platforms.

Use Cases

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