6 Government Entities Showcase Labiba bots during GITEX

6 Government Entities Showcase Labiba bots during GITEX

06 October 2019

We are very proud that our clients have successfully showcased their best-in-class virtual assistants at GITEX, the leading technology show in the region that takes place in Dubai, UAE.

In addition to making many new friends and potential clients during the five-day exhibition, what made this year’s edition even more special for Labiba was that 6 major governmental entities were showcasing our AI chatbots on their booth.

From Saudi Arabia, we were proud to have the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) showcasing “Sara”, the AI Whatsapp Chatbot that supports customers with different services from the authority including medical information, medicine prices and alternatives, food safety, reporting and others. 

From the UAE, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), showcased “Tracy”, a Voice-based artificial intelligent assistant that can reserve meeting rooms, invite attendees, and prepare all the necessary arrangement such as IT equipment required. “Tracy” even goes further to place orders for beverages for guests. Additionally, and when the guests arrive to the building.

Tracy is powered by an indoor way-finding capability allowing it to display a realtime interactive map that guides visitors to the meeting room they reserved.

Visit the booth of the Insurance Authority and you would be greeted by “Sager”, the AI chatbot that can helps the Insurance Authority to regulate and supervise the insurance sector in the United Arab Emirates.

And we were lucky to have two entities from Sharjah, the Tourism and Commerce Department launched “Fatima” in the conference, the first voice-based AI tour guide for Sharjah.

The virtual assistant helps tourists in discovering the main attractions, hotels, restaurants, events and more, featuring an integration with Trip Advisor to generate recommendations from real travelers who have been there and communicating them directly with voice in Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian or Indian to serve the language needs of as many travelers as possible. 

And following one year of success of our bot for the Economic Development Department, the department launched Phase 2 of the bot which highlights consumer protection services for citizens and residents, after serving thousands of inquiries and functions to visitors on the department’s app and website. The launch included a ceremony whereby Labiba’s team was honored in recognition of our service to the department.


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