Empower Your Enterprise with Conversational Analytics

Empower Your Enterprise with Conversational Analytics

15 December 2019

Information is power, and executives need to have timely access to the information and KPIs within their organizations in order to make the right decisions. 

Classically, the solution has been dashboards, but the charts and KPIs displayed on these dashboards are usually limited, and executives need to dig deeper in their data, even if this is possible, it is usually time consuming, that's why we created our product, conversational analytics.

Labiba's conversational analytics harnesses the power of AI to make accessing information as easy as it can get, imagine having an assistant, head of business intelligence if you like, who can answer all the important questions about the performance of your organization, and at the same time showing you this data visually for a clearer presentation, this is conversational analytics.

The artificial intelligence here is not limited to the understanding of your questions and converting them into a structured query your system can respond to, it is also powered by speaker recognition technology so that it only gives the information to the authorized people, replacing the classical authorization mechanisms such as a username and password. A method that is more suitable to executives in the 21st  century, where time and efficiency are the most valuable assets.

Watch our conversational analytics in action in this video, and get that BI virtual expert in your pocket to remove the guessing out of your decision making process.

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