Robots for Better Business Efficiency

Robots for Better Business Efficiency

02 December 2019

It's one of the hottest questions in AI if robots will be part of the workforce. We at Labiba are working with leaders in different industries to explore the potential of bringing more efficiency and cost savings by utilizing robot.

Meet Salama, the new receptionist at ADNOC. The robot mimics the work of a receptionist using different artificial intelligence technologies.

At first, it tries to identify if you are an employee, registered visitor or a new visitor using face recognition. If you are not registered, it will ask you to scan your Emirates ID, whereby it will read all the data in it and register it in the visitors system. 

Next, it will ask you about the person you are visiting, and notify them with a message that you came, once the employee approves your visit, the robot will welcome you and guide you towards their office using the indoor navigation technology.

Watch the Robot Salama at work in this video, and then imagine a future full of robots who are helping us in the workplace with different tasks, making our workplace better and more efficient while we human are freed to perform more fulfilling tasks.

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