Sharjah Economic Development Department honors Labiba

Sharjah Economic Development Department honors Labiba

08 October 2019

Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) awarded Labiba a token of appreciation for the continuous efforts in supporting the department in their AI implementations during the past year, resulting in a successful launching and operations of a conversational interface to serve their audiences as a new channel of service.

Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) initially introduced the chatbot during GITEX Technology week last year, since then the bot has been serving customers on the department’s website and on their iOS and Android smartphone applications.

Parallel to that, Labiba’s team conducted a bot building training workshop for the department’s team on Labiba’s platform and we have been working with them hand in hand to develop phase two of the bot services which was launched during GITEX Technology Week 2019.

While phase one brought automation to business users by bringing 10 services to the bot interface including issuing and renewing licenses, complaints, issue tracking and more, Phase two features more advanced functions with a focus on the consumer, bringing full conversational automation to consumer requirements in their dealings with the department.

The bot serves as a virtual assistant that is available 24*7*365 to answer customers’ queries and guide them through a customized reporting process intelligently based on the consumer protection rules that are in place at the UAE.

The step shall substantially increase the user-base of the bot, efficiency of the department and positively contribute to the consumer satisfaction KPIs for the department.

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