For Customer

Intelligent agents that don’t eat, don’t sleep and don’t make mistakes. Give your customers a personalized customer service experience 24x7 on their prefered channel using their natural language

For Customer Support

Calling a customer center is rarely described as a delightful experience. Organizations suffer from high costs, customer service agents have low morale and even we as customers suffer from long waiting times, poor service and usually unresolved cases. And when the 3 sides of the triangle are suffering, the industry needs a radical change.

Advancements in today’s technology, namely artificial intelligence, present us with an ideal solution. Virtual agents that can understand your customers, provide information, services and event perform transactions.

What Customers Want

Today’s customers are expecting 24/7 service availability, provided in a personalized way and on their prefered channels. Artificially Intelligent Virtual Agents is the answer for that, and by implementing that your organization is not only providing a better customer experience, but also saves massively on customer service costs.

Human Agents

Virtual agents are not meant to push humans away from the picture, the purpose is to empower them and turn them from repetitive question takers to problem solvers, therefore, human agents is an integral part of our system and are available for the more complex problems or qualified leads.

Implement at the speed of thought

Using Labiba platform means that your virtual agents can start working for you today, not after few months. We put a lot of effort on your AI chatbot building experience to make it quick, easy and delightful.

A visual conversation builder that allows you to create conversations as you think of them, without the need of any coding knowledge, and a library of explainer videos that will guide you through the chatbot building process.

From Cost Center to Profit Center

It doesn’t stop at cost savings, each conversation collects information and traits about your users, analyzes them and stores them in a database of audience segmentation. Having the segmentation gives insights on your users and allows you to broadcast relevant, personalized marketing messages for your users, turning your customer service from a cost center to a data and profit center.

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