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About Us

Labiba is an artificial intelligence and robotic process automation company specialized in building virtual agents that can emulate human actions in executing business processes and interact with customers.

Labiba's chatbot platform, built with 22 years of experience in technology and digital communications, is an enterprise-level bot management platform including all the functions needed to harvest conversational interface opportunities such as visual builder, human agents, broadcasting, system integrations and more.

Our enterprise-level bot management platform, with native Arabic language understanding, includes all the functions needed to create voice & text conversational experiences.

We have developed a start-of-the-art chatbot builder which allows organizations to build smart interfaces for a smart future. Customers want simplicity, ease and a general good feel when interacting with any organization and the conversational interface is the answer.

Labiba brings the powers of AI/NLP in an easy to use visual builder along with the tools and integrations around it to provide smart bots that can answer queries and perform actions.

Today it is more important than ever before for organizations to create a unique experiences for their customers; since users are now spending time on messaging platforms more than all other digital channels combined it becomes vital for organizations to offer their content utilizing the conversational interface.

Labiba is a subsidiary of Imagine Technologies, an award-winning company which received international awards such as Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid’s award in the World Government Summit as well as international organizations such as Expedia for best performing digital campaign on Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Why Choose Labiba

  • Over 22 years of experience in technology and digital communications.
  • Labiba has local presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is part of the Dubai International Financial Center and Bahrain Fintech Bay and Jordan.
  • Native Arabic language support with multiple dialects.
  • Voice support.
  • Visual Bot platform: The chatbot builder Labiba.ai is developed by our in-house team of engineers.
  • State of the art platform that is intelligent and easy to use.
  • Support for multiple collaborative chatbots which allows for multiple teams in the organization to work on different bots on the same platform.
  • Fastest 3rd party and API integrations compared to competitors in the market.
  • Available on cloud or on premise.

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