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Experience a new level of customer engagement on the most popular channels, virtual agents that can capture leads, inform, engage and entertain.

Chat Bots for Marketing

AI-powered chatbots will give you the leap you want for your marketing activities. From customer reach, to engagement, to personalized messages and promotions; the sky is the limit when it comes to the advantages chat bots bring to your marketing efforts.

The Right Channels

We always tend to follow users wherever they go, from open markets to malls to web to social media and smartphone apps. Today your audience is on messaging platforms, people spend on messaging more than they spend on all digital channels combined, this includes the millennials, the old, you, me and everyone else. Building virtual agents that engage with your customers on messaging platforms puts your brand in the right position to grab the attention of your users and engage with them in conversations on their prefered channels.

Unprecedented Reach

It's a tough time when it comes to reaching your audience, ads viewability is going down, getting relevant traffic to your website is harder than ever and facebook posts reach usually 1-2% of your audience.

With messaging platforms, your virtual agents reach to 100% of your audience for all messages with relevance, personalization and engagement opportunities up to the individual customer.


The name says it all, conversational AI!
One-way messaging used to work very well, but the digital channels gradually evolved to change that towards conversations. Starting from user-generated content and moving on to social media, brands understand the value of engaging users in conversations about their products, but it was never really a conversation, until now.

Intelligent chatbots can literally engage your users in conversations about your product or service. Provide information or answer questions all through conversations that engage your users, because this is how you will be memorable, and as the old saying goes “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand”

Customer Segmentation

Labiba doesn't only offer the ability to converse with customers, but it harnesses these conversations and collects insights on your audience. This gives you the ability to segment customers based on interest and other traits collected through these conversations, giving you a great opportunity to use the segmentation for personalized relevant messages in the future.

Personalized Experience

Having an interaction with someone who knows you by name can completely alter the nature of a conversation. Chatbots integrate with social media, gathering data about every single person with whom they interact.

Labiba takes an extra mile to meet customer preference by tailoring the conversation based on previous interactions to provide on-point advice and recommendations.

Built for Marketers

You only need 2 skills to use our visual bot builder, drag and drop. No need to worry about any programming knowledge, no need to go back and forth with technical specialists, just focus on building great and engaging conversations and leave the rest for us. Start now and your first conversation can be published in 15 minutes.

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