Zain's success story in creating an automated Messenger experience

Zain's success story in creating an automated Messenger experience

20 September 2021

Zain Jordan partnered with Labiba.AI to create an automated Messenger experience.

Zain Jordan decided to streamline customer service options using an automated Messenger experience to serve their customers better. Coupled with their public Facebook page and ongoing ad campaigns, the brand has seen the increasing use of messaging platforms regionally. The telecom's desire to successfully reduce their average response time to queries resulted in the use of an assistant powered by Messenger - which people readily have access to - offering people a more convenient self-service channel.

Through Artificial Intelligence, Labiba.AI introduced a tailored Arabic natural language processing and machine learning software that ensures a personalized customer care experience for each user. By making the Messenger powered digital assistant fully integrated with Zain Jordan’s internal system, Labiba.AI ensured that the quality of the telecom’s front line self-service customer support was enhanced with a human-like conversation. Furthermore, a built-in handover protocol allowed Messenger to seamlessly direct complex customer requests to a live agent in order to take over the matter accordingly and immediately assist with finding the right solution.

By introducing an automated experience for Messenger, Zain Jordan’s customers can now experience an entirely digitized and user-friendly experience to manage and receive updates on several services and account information through neutral language through audio and text messages.

After integrating the Messenger-powered digital assistant in February of 2020, the average response time for customer queries dropped substantially reaching a few minutes per inquiry as opposed to 5 hours in 2016. Additionally, the key results are as follows:

  • 50% decrease in messenger support costs.
  • Of all customer enquiries, 40% are now handled directly through Messenger.
  • 60% decrease in calls to the customer care center since 2014.
  • Due to the automated experience on Messenger, satisfaction score reached 77%.

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