GITEX Technology Week 2018

GITEX Technology Week 2018

18 October 2018

Labiba for artificial intelligence, a leading artificial intelligence company with years of experience in AI implementations for leading organizations across the UAE and MENA region, will be exhibiting in GITEX Technology Week Dubai 2018.

Labiba’s team of experts demonstrated during Gitex Technology Week how their advanced AI platform can facilitate the creation of smart conversational experiences for enterprises.

“Labiba thrives to enhance the experience of the businesses across all touch points, dedicated to revolutionizing the way individuals interact with machines, and allowing them to get things done by talking to machines using their natural words with focus on the Arabic language.” said Ali Hajjaj, the CEO Labiba. 

At GITEX 2018, Labiba announced the formal launch of several smart conversational experiences built for leading government organizations and institutions in the UAE, as well as launch of their Arabic text-to-speech banking virtual assistants, and unveil the addition of Google Assistant to Labiba’s supported channels.

About Labiba for Artificial Intelligence

Labiba for artificial intelligence specializes in creating virtual assistants that can engage in conversations with customers to provide customer service and support functions. Organizations implementing their virtual agents will be able to provide 24*7 customer service with increased efficiency and cost savings.

As the first and the most advanced chatbot platform in the region, Labiba for artificial intelligence has been assisting their clients improving customer service and enhancing customer engagement. Most importantly, their solutions fully support Arabic language, not just in formal Arabic, but in all Arabic dialects.

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