Labiba and MEU Conduct an Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Labiba and MEU Conduct an Artificial Intelligence Workshop

04 November 2019

Our lead engineer, Nour Shalabi conducted a workshop at the Faculty of Information Technology in the Middle East University As part of Labiba’s continuous collaboration with educational institutes.
The workshop aims to provide students with insights on existing projects and opportunities in the Artificial Intelligence industry in Jordan and the gulf region, and to guide them towards the skills and knowledge needed to excel in that area.
In addition to the faculty’s students, the workshop was attended by the dean of the Faculty of Information Technology Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Arqoub, the academic and the administration staff since the university has recently launched its bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Nour Shalabi from Labiba receives an award from middle east university.jpg Nour Shalabi commented "As part of my work, I interact with leading organizations in the region to explore and implement AI technologies that can bring value and efficiency to their operations. And as we continue to follow and benefit from academic research in AI, we find it our responsibility to contribute back to the academic community by showcasing real-life applications of artificial intelligence based on our first-hand experience. Additionally, we are hoping that such collaboration will attract more students to consider Artificial Intelligence as their career of choice and therefore help in creating the much needed jobs in the sector during the coming years".
Labiba's team believe in the partnership between the scientific research and business communities to innovate and utilize science in solving real-life problems, and is currently working with two governments in the region on formulating such partnership on a national level.

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