Facebook Messenger Marketing Vs Facebook Page Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing Vs Facebook Page Marketing

27 October 2017

Messenger is not just another feature of Facebook, it’s a totally new channel that opens doors for a new level of engagement with your audience. We have always been preaching “The right message, to the right person at the right time” and working hard to deliver this promise by utilizing all these digital marketing techniques. Let’s explore how messenger can evolve your communication with your audience using the example of a pizza restaurant trying to get people to buy lunch on the special offer of 20% discount.

Your facebook post in that case could be something like this:

Love Pizza? Get 20% discount on your order for lunch today.

Audience Reach
When posting on your page, you reach somewhere around 2% of your audience, while broadcasting on messenger reaches 100% of your audience. Assuming the same conversion rate, you will get 50 times more people buying lunch from you that day.

Message Timing
Your page post will reach to your audience when they open facebook regardless of the timing. Posting a Yummy food picture to promote a lunch offer might reach customers in the afternoon after having their lunch, total loss.

while on messenger, you can design your message to reach to every user at their own noon time. Everyone of your audience can receive the following message at 12:00 PM

“Lunchtime is approaching, get 20% off your pizza if you order now”.

Medium & Attention

Your page post will reach to your users on their timeline, between all the exciting posts of their friends, the attention they give to it when given is estimated by Facebook to be 1.5 seconds. While your Messenger message will get a special notification, just like a message they receive from their friends, when they see it, you will have their full attention on their prefered platform, messaging. Think of the difference in the attention you pay to a post while scrolling your facebook timeline compared to that to the messages you get on messenger like the one below.


Facebook pages’ posts cannot be customized per user, it’s a one message that is hoped to fit all, but it doesn’t. Messenger on  the other hand, allows you to send different messages to different users based on preferences you know for your users.

“Lunchtime is approaching, get 20% off your Super Supreme pizza if you order now”.


Facebook posts goes under one-to-many communication, while Messenger posts are one-to-one giving the user a much better experience where you to speak to each person individually, using maybe their name to make your message more personal.

“Hi Salma.Lunchtime is approaching, get 20% off your Super Supreme pizza if you order now”.

Communication Direction

Messages on your Facebook post are one-directional, while on messenger they are conversational, meaning that you can create a conversation with your customers for better engagement and consequently better results.


Your Bot: “Hi Salma.Lunchtime is approaching, get 20% off your Super Supreme pizza if you order now”.

Salma : Why not, place an order of one medium pizza please.

Your Bot: Would you like to have a drink with that?

Salma : Yes, I’ll have Pepsi.

Your Bot: Great, I will deliver it to your work address in 30 minutes, I hope you enjoy your meal 

Now sit back and take a minute to compare the quality of timing, attention, customization, personalization, reach, engagement and sales each channel delivers, if you agree that messenger is the right channel, go ahead and start building your bot now.

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