Towards 285 Governmental Services on Labiba

Towards 285 Governmental Services on Labiba

01 October 2019

Last month, Labiba completed the implementation of the first phase of the government-wide chatbot for Jordan with Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. The chatbot aims to provide citizens and visitors with a new conversational channel for service requests, service delivery and public information.

The move comes in response to the rise of Artificial Intelligence capabilities and the  massive use of messaging as a digital channel, whereby the usage of messages exceeds all other digital channels combined.

The first phase covered 8 services from 3 governmental organizations, Amman Municipality, Social Security and the Civil Service Bureau.

The bot goes beyond simple inquiries on services and their status, it covers end-to-end journey from inquiry to execution to payment, allowing for a complete automation of the government-related activities through conversations.

Today, we are glad to announce kicking off the second phase of the project, with the mission to complete 285 governmental services within the coming months and more plans for AI functions that shall be revealed upon launching.

Lina Madadha, cofounder and COO of Labiba commented "We are proud to work with governments as AI bots get to serve a massive number of users and organizations, validating the scalability of our platform and showing us first-hand the impact of Artificial Intelligence in saving time and providing better experience to millions of users around the country".

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